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Central Sleep Apnea

Does anyone here have central sleep apnea? What has been your experience with being diagnosed and treating CSA?

  1. My brother also was suffering from the same a few years ago. Many treatment methods were suggested by many and tried many of them. But he only received a positive result when he started doing physiotherapy( Physiotherapy training for sleep apnea patients has gotten a lot of attention. Not only has exercise been demonstrated to improve OSA, but it has also been demonstrated to reduce the severity of central sleep apnea in individuals with chronic heart failure. My brother continues to do the physiotherapy now also even though he is relieved from CSA. Regular physiotherapy can help you in maintaining a healthy life.

    1. That’s really interesting to hear! Thank you for sharing. As everyone respond so differently to treatments it can be really helpful to hear about different options.
      Cheers. Simone (Team Member)

  2. Hi there are so many medications that can interfere with sleep, and some of them can even lead to problems with central apneas. If there are pain meds involved, this can be especially challenging. I hope you are working with your doctor to make some adjustments that will help you maximize your treatments without the sleep side effects.

    For anyone reading this who is taking pain medications, please read up on how they can influence sleep apnea, especially the central kind.

    Tamara, community advocate

    1. Yes ~ Dr blames it all on meds. My apnea has been severe as of late with medication issues. As high as 114 episodes per hour to as low as 1 episode per hour. Lost and scared .....

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