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Urgent advice need plz

I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, I have the new cpap machine I have been using it just over a week with and without humidifier. I am fine and adjusting to using the machine and mask however for the past 4 days I have had a feeling that something is stuck in the bottom of my throat I try clearing it and nothing us there. I can talk eat etc however the feeling I can't breathe is now overwhelming. I went to Dr and she said its my windpipe and wanted me to go to hospital but I have waited as it started afew days after using machine that's why I stopped using humidifier incase it was that. Of a morning my windpipe is fine and there is no issue but has the hours pass the feeling comes back. I am sipping water and eating throat sweets just to take the sensation away. Has anyone or is this a side affect from the cpap machine? The clinic is shut so can't call them I am desperate for advice please and thankyou in advance

  1. Hi when does the clinic open again? Are you able to contact your doctor another way to get their advice on what to do next? Thinking of you. -Margot, Team Member

    1. thankyou for reply I managed to speak to sleep app people today they don't think uts the machine, but it may have triggered a underlying issue I already had, which is reassuring to be honest as I stopped using the machine incase it was a symtom of that. I seen my Dr and they wanted me to go to hospital but I didn't as I wanted to speak to sleep app people first to see if it was a symtom that's why I came on here. But today I feel alot better symtoms have eased going to start using machine again tomorrow. Thankyou again for your ref

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