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Do you experience daytime sleepiness?

  1. Yes, I have. I have always taken Vitamin D.

    1. I ve called another doc twice and no response...keep trying.

    2. Please do keep trying. Is there an email address you can try? - Lori (Team Member)

  2. On top of having sleep apnea, I also have narcolepsy so I fall asleep EVERYWHERE! I literally fall asleep standing at my med cart at work so I have to run out to my car and take my narcolepsy meds (which I take 2 different kinds). I will go from being wide awake to sound asleep in minutes. It's horrible and my husband just doesn't understand.

    1. Hi . I wish your husband was more supportive. Have you ever shared with him any articles from our narcolepsy community? Here is an article that might help if he is willing to read it: - Lori (Team Member)

    2. no, I don't bother trying to show him anything. I believe that he thinks I'm exaggerating.

  3. I struggle with daytime sleepiness. I have been using a CPAP for 12 years and my Sleep Specialist always says how delighted they are by my numbers - 8 hours a night, AHI under 5 consistently. But I am sleepy in the afternoon to the extent that I only work part time because I have to nap every other day. It works fine for my family but it sure would be nice to stay awake and have energy! They offered me drugs to stay awake but I really didn't want to go that route. I know that helps a lot of people though! Good luck! Emma ( Team Member)

    1. I’ve been prescribed Armodafinal for the past few years because I do not get restful sleep with the Cpap. (You’ve probably seen my complaints about masks, lol) It helps me stay awake so I can function throughout the day. I haven’t formally been diagnosed with Narcolepsy, but my sleep doctor sure was quick to prescribe the medication, which is a schedule 4 medication. He’s no longer available to see, and due to Covid loss of income and insurance; I haven’t been able to find another doctor on my network.

      1. You can have Idiopathic Hypersomnolance and not Narcolepsy. What that means is you can suffer from severe sleepiness during the day but not actually have Narcolepsy. A lot of untreated sleep disordered breathing patients do have issues with sleepiness that clears up once they are treated. However, sometimes patients will have their sleep disordered breathing fully treated and still have problems with being sleepy all day. Your doctor would prescribe that medications to treat the day time sleepiness. We have this article that does have some tips for managing daytime fatigue I hope you find a new doctor soon. Make sure your old doctor sends over your medical records to you new one when you find them. Warmly, Lisa ( Team Member and Advocate)

      2. Oh goodness. How are you doing off of it? I am assuming you haven't had it? Sleeping with a CPAP is just hard. I don't know how some people get used to them so quickly. I sure hope you can find another doctor soon. Covid messed so many things up. Sending big hugs
        Amber ( team moderator)

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