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How does sleep apnea affect body weight?

Obesity is often associated with sleep apnoea, while not a cause it is often an underlying symptom. How is body weight affected by stopping breathing?

  1. Hello!
    That’s a great question.
    The one thing that we know is that an obese person has fatty tissue throughout the body. That includes the neck. Fat is on the inside of the neck as well as the outside. The inside is the airway. The airway narrows which can affect breathing. The tongue thickens as well. This can lay across the back of a persons throat when sleeping and can prevent the ability to breathe.
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    1. I’m diagnosed with severe apnea and I gained 15 pounds this winter for no good reason. I’m doing ok with the Cpap although it wakes me up sometimes.

      1. Many people gained weight do the the pandemic and the constant stress we were under. Being under stress like that cause your cortisol levels to raise making weight gain easier and weight loss even harder. It's actual named the Covid 20 as most people gain about 20 pounds. Some more, some a bit less. I am not saying that is the reason for your weight gain, just letting you know that many people across the world have had that issue. Hopefully now that things are slowly going back to normal, the weather is improving, you will be able to get it back off. Warmly, Lisa ( Team Member and Advocate)

    2. Thanks for your question , body weight can be a factor in having sleep apnea, although, many who have sleep apnea do not have weight issues. It can also be due to physical aspects. Here is some more information on you and weight and sleep apnea: Are you currently diagnosed with sleep apnea? Warmly, Kristin ( Team Member)

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