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Major Complaint

I’ve used a CPAP for several years and my major complaint is how it dries out my eyes, mouth, and nasal passage. I’ve tried several ways to alleviate the problem, but nothing works. Any suggestions?

  1. Hey, I think it's better to switch your CPAP machines to Resmed Airsense 10. These machines are comparatively comfortable to use and have fewer sleeping troubles. Changing the CPAP machine and mask can improve your sleep and will be solution for your condition.

    1. Hi . I am glad you found a machine that is comfortable for you and that helps. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. I dealt with dry eyes/eyes glued shut while using a nasal pillow mask and a chin strap. The nasal pillow mask was not working and I was leaking air that blew into my eyes. Respiratory therapist changed me to a nasal mask with continued use of chin strap. The dry eyes/glued eyes stopped but then my upper lip and the underside of my upper lip would become glued to my upper aligners during the night. I realized I was not positioning the chin strap in a way to hold my mouth close. I ask for a full face mask but was discouraged by therapist because of feedback from customers about bulkiness. I have an appt coming up in a few weeks and will be assertive in requesting one of the minimal full face mask so I can omit the chin strap that’s uncomfortable.

    1. here's one thought: I know as a sleep technologist that not all new patients understand that their machines have a humidifier function, or that it needs to be turned on. Unfortunately, some of the people who set up new patients with CPAP don't spend the time necessary to show them how to adjust these settings. Or, they simply forget to turn it on and the patient, not knowing it's available to them, doesn't know any better.

      If you live in a dry climate, the humidifier is a necessary feature. When in AZ, I would fill up my chamber and go through the whole chamber in one night. Here in WA state, I fill to the lowest mark and have water leftover.

      Some people don't like using it but they also live where there's more humidity in the air, so it's less useful. And some don't like it because they may actually have it set too high, and they get something known as "rainout," or condensation in the tubing that eventually collects in the mask.

      If you're unsure about your humidifier feature, you may want to check your settings to ensure it's on and at a level that can provide you with more moisture comfort. If you're not going through any water at all and the machine is set to use humidity, it could also be a mechanical error that needs fixing.

      Hope this helps you or someone else! Best wishes, Tamara (community advocate)

      1. I use a full face mask and had problems with dry eyes, my eye doctor suggested I use a gel eye drop at bed time and it has really helped. I just use an over the counter one.

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