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Major Complaint

I’ve used a CPAP for several years and my major complaint is how it dries out my eyes, mouth, and nasal passage. I’ve tried several ways to alleviate the problem, but nothing works. Any suggestions?

  1. I use a full face mask and had problems with dry eyes, my eye doctor suggested I use a gel eye drop at bed time and it has really helped. I just use an over the counter one.

    1. , Is it possible that you are opening your mouth while asleep? There are nights that I wake up with my mouth so dry from that rush of air, it is painful. Taking a sinus tablet before bed seems to help keep my nasal passages open. With the nasal passages, have you ever tried Ayr nasal spray or jel? The only thing I can think of for dry eyes is maybe the top of the mask is leaking air at night, and blowing the air into your eyes? I would consult your doctor about the dry eyes.

      1. and billh breathe-rite nasal strips keep my nostrils open and make it easier to breath with my nose only mask. Available at CVS.

      2. , I used those years ago to help with snoring, before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I had to stop using them after surgery to remove a cancer from the tip of my nose. (The adhesive irritated the scar.) But that was over 13 years ago. I think I may try them again.

    2. Hello bsexton7
      It’s too bad that you have to cope with all of that.
      I too have the dry problems and I have seen doctors for all. Each of those can be treated with over the counter meds or prescription.
      We are not able to diagnose or treat. However, I would recommend that you talk with your doctor. Regarding puffy eyes, have you tried cool compresses and massaging the area? Some use cucumbers.
      Please, let us know if you find answers.
      I hope that you have a restful nights sleep.
      Janet ( Team Member)

      1. I have dry eyes and the Cpap is making it worse, plus I wake up with puffy eyes every morning. I am trying different night time masks.

        1. I use a full face mask and my eye doctor suggested I try gel eye drops at bed time. I purchased over the counter and has really helped me with the dry eye problem.

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