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What is one thing you wish you had known when you first started using your CPAP?

  1. hi, unfortunately several things.......all important and help you.

    Various masks as above reply.

    Water tank to hydrate your throat overnight...stops waking up and feeling like you're in a desert...even if you do not turn it on but get the air to pass over it this still helps as too much and you feel like you're drowning.
    Inform DVLA but only once you're diagnosed, which means you will have a mask, and as long as being treated it will not affect your license.
    Inform car insurance and any life insurance as they could be void.
    buy a sleep apnea pillow.....recessed at the sides to allow you to sleep on your side without disturbing the mask too much.
    Anti stop your sinus's getting blocked...doctors prescribe them and a spray.
    olbas oil ......a couple of drops on the filter at the back of the cpac machine to eases nasal congestion...
    clean mask weekly with a soak in milton sterilizing fluid or a baby steam wash machine, and use hand wipes every day/ couple of days...

    and the most important one is getting your head around the fact it will help you in the short and long term to be able to function during the day.

    Good luck...had mine since 2008 and still have bad days but wouldn't be without it now.


    1. Sadly some don't. I even see some sleep clinics in the UK recommend this to new patients.

    2. Hi, Gary - thanks for joining our community; we're lucky to have you and your experience with sleep apnea. ๐Ÿ˜Š I appreciate you, my friend, and I hope you're having a lovely day. Cheers, โ€” Matt G. ( Team Member.

  2. When I started PAP therapy, I wished I had known I was a mouth breather. That way, I might have chosen a full-face mask instead of the nasal pillow style. Warmly, โ€” Matt G. ( Team Member

    1. me too. I am a mouth breather and went through many unnecessary steps with nasal pillows using a chin strap and tape. I'm happy to be at a place where I know which mask types are best for me. Warmly, Brittany (Team Member and Advocate)

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