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Sleep Apnea and Morning Anxiety

Hi All! Wondering if anyone struggles with "morning anxiety" that they feel might be related to their OSA and/or if anyone has had a medical professional make a connection between their OSA and "morning anxiety." I've been treated for OSA with CPAP for almost ten years. In the past couple of years, I have noticed an increase in waking up anxious. Lately, I wake up anxious every day and feelings of anxiety persists until at least mid-afternoon. My inclination is that the anxiety is "starting" with something physical, perhaps an abnormal amount of cortisol being produced as I wake up in the morning. Thanks in advance for any experienced/information that are shared.

  1. I appreciate your observation. I think you can find some relief and hopefully better feeling by using CPAP machine.

    1. I appreciate the thoughts/observations. I will have to watch the App and see if there is a correlation between how I slept and how anxious I feel in the morning. Definitely worth keeping an eye on this!

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    2. I struggle with morning anxiety as well. I've noticed for me it's tied to how I slept if I check My Air App it's the nights that I've had more events than normal and more leaks. I also noticed that in the hopes of feeling better than sometimes just looking at the My Air App can be the source of anxiety for me because I don't feel better using the CPAP so I at least want to see good numbers that hopefully equate to progress in the therapy. On the mornings I wake up anxious I've found that meditating helps calm some of the anxiety. I would bring up with on your next appointment with you doctor because lingering anxiety can be debilitating. I hope you can find some relief from your anxiety.


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