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More apneas each year

I’ve had a bipap for around 9 years.  I never snored but actually started falling out of bed and ended up with a sleep study finding out that I had severe sleep apnea probably due to small inside mouth and narrow airway.  For a number of years the bipap seemed to keep the apnea’s very controlled, usually under 5.  Over the last couple years, they are highly variable typically at least 10 per hour up to 30 some per hour with the machine. I have many more central apnea’s now. The doctor doesn’t seem concerned but I am a bit worried about it.  The mask seals 100 percent and the rate has been changed to variable.  

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    What type of doctor are you seeing for your Sleep Apnea? Have you asked your doctor how the apneas are presenting themselves and what he would consider it as a problem?
    I have found that my pulmonologist is more agressive on changes, even with my sleep apnea and difficulty staying awake during the day. My general practitioner doesn't seem to be concerned. I guess that's the advantage of having more than one doctor.
    Kristin had great advice. Let us know how you are doing.
    Take care,
    Janet ( Member)

    1. sharing this article with you about central sleep apnea and a treatment called, ASV: This may be something you could speak to your doctor about if you are finding that the bipap isn't working as well anymore. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Warmly, Kristin ( Team Member)

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