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Moderate OSA diagnosis today


I received my results today and have moderate OSA. On my report they mention my minimum heart rate being 35!

Is this normal during a sleep survey or something I need to be immediately concerned about?

My Apple Watch is usually about 45/50 min when sleeping so I don’t really know why this is showing so low.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I’ve had a week from hell thinking I’m becoming an insomniac and driving to the ER at 3am with huge panic attacks and anxiety, which now I know is the result of OSA.


  1. Hi, ! I'd like to hear what others have to say as well. Was there a way to follow up and discuss your results with a doctor or sleep tech?

    In the meantime, this article has some information on links between OSA and the heart: Keep us updated!! Warm wishes, Alyssa (Team Member)

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