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Might go for surgery using inspire

Can’t do cpap anymore. Not a candidate for dental apparatus since have too many teeth missing and have severe sleep apnea. Has anyone tried this ? Are you thinking of it? Had a consultation on the Inspire surgery

  1. I am going for inspire surgery august 15. Ready for life without cpap. Will let you know how I do. Thanks for asking. Rita

    1. Sending you my best wishes, ; thank you for being a part of our community. 😊 Warmly, — Matt G. ( Team Member.

    2. That's just around the corner! Please make sure to let us know and stick around the community. A lot of people have questions about the Inspire and it would be nice to have someone hanging around that has been through the process to help answer questions. Good Luck to you!!! Warmly, Lisa ( Team Member and Advocate)

  2. I am a CPAP user and have been for nearly 20 years. I had several procedures before I started using the CPAP that did not help. I do pretty well with the CPAP although I still feel tired even after using the CPAP and otherwise getting a good night's sleep. I am scheduled for Inspire surgery next month. Is there anyone that did pretty well with CPAP but better with Inspire? It seems like most people only start Inspire if they cannot tolerate a CPAP.

    1. While we wait to see if anyone else has had an experience such as you are asking about, I would like to share an article with you I found that I have had to have my pressure tweaked a couple of times and I found I have secondary issues that we didn't realize until my CPAP controlled my sleep disordered breathing. Maybe this article will help. Good luck with your surgery and let us know how it goes for you. Warmly, Lisa ( Team Member and Advocate)

    2. How exciting, ; please keep us posted on your journey with the Inspire Implant. 🙂 Warmly, — Matt G. ( Team Member.

  3. Hi , welcome to our community. 😊 I'm following up to see if you've had a chance to speak with your sleep specialist about the Inspire implant? I've heard good things; however, I'm not a candidate because I have central sleep apnea. Please keep us posted on your journey; warmly, — Matt G. ( Team Member.

    1. Hello Georita, I am happy to hear that you found an alternative to CPAP and dental apparatus to treat your sever sleep apnea. Personally I haven't spoken to my doctor about Inspire surgery, but I'd like a share an article from one of your team members who can speaks about the experience: Please let us know if you decide to go ahead with it. Vashanti ( Advocate and Team Member)

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