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Mask issues

Hi All! I have been using the nasal cushion mask. I have only been using it 2 days. I just don't feel like it working. I don't feel like it am getting any help from the machine. Is this something I should be concerned with or should I give it more time?

  1. Hi Hi everyone!! I have asked my family to watch me when I sleep if they come in to my room and both of them have said that I'm a mouth breather so I'm really thinking That I really need the full face mask. I'm actually going to meet with the supplier of my Machine tomorrow.. The really weird thing is I'm not a mouth break or all the time in a 10 minute. They said I did it once so I'm really not sure if a full face mask is the answer or if the nasal mask is the answer. I am open to any suggestions you all might could give me it gives me because this is my only 2nd week with my machines so it's fairly new to me

    1. I would see about trying a different mask. For me I am mouth breather so I have to use a full face mask. Have you noticed with the nasal cushion that you open your mouth and air comes out of it while you sleep? If it's not working don't be afraid to call and talk to your supply provider they have been a great resource for tips and tricks in finding the perfect mask. Warmly, Brittany- ( Team Member

      1. Hi. Has it gotten any better? I know that for me it took some time before I felt better. It was a slow change of improvements to my quality of life and energy. Warmly, Lisa ( Team Member and Advocate)

        1. Hi , thank you for reaching out. Do you, by any chance, know whether or not you breathe through your mouth? Once I used a full face mask, it was a complete game-changer. I also began treatment with the "nasal cushion," which never seemed to work. I couldn't believe what a difference it made.

          Maybe reach out to your sleep specialist, and see if they might have any suggestions. Great job being mindful about it; please keep us posted. 😊

          Warmly, — Matt G. ( Team Member

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