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Whatever you do. Do not do this surgery.
Almost immediately I had severe speech and swallowing problems. Coughing. Hoarseness. Garbled speech. Can’t project.
I was fine before this surgery.
I used the CPAP for 6 months and lost 75 lbs. I was fine.
Can’t believe I was pushed to do this by MDs. No informed consent. I was duped.
Now I’m paying the price.
Was at Mass General. NYU. Now Columbia.
Most have never heard of Inspire.
None know what to do.
I was butchered.
My advice: lose weight, get active and your snoring will be reduced.
Since when did snoring become a disease.

  1. The Inspire surgery was July 1, 2021.
    My sleep apnea was resolved through weight loss alone at the time of surgery.
    All questionnaires for sleep apnea were negative.
    I had no signs nor symptoms of sleep apnea.
    AHI at border between mild and moderate.
    (I have not been able to find out how these AHI categories were set and by whom.)
    Bottom line: I didn't need the surgery. It wasn't explained to me. It's caused tremendous pain and suffering and a year and a half of being seen by tens of specialists and had scores of testing to no avail. Most have never heard of Inspire much less its complications.

    Had the explant at Mass Gen Oct 2014. Only improvement was I was able to turn my head to left and upward after the sensor lead was removed. It was coiled around a neck muscle. Still have significant speech and severe swallowing difficulties.

    I am looking for a specialist (ENT/Sleep) to submit a letter of certification that this merits the filing of a law suit. I found out I only have 2 more months before the statute runs out. Can you suggest someone perhaps? Thank you.

    1. , oh wow, what a story! I'm sure your experience will be helpful for anyone considering the surgery. That's amazing that you were able to resolve your sleep apnea with weight loss. But unfortunate that you were pushed to have the surgery, regardless. Personally, I can't weigh in on a specialist recommendation, but maybe one of our other patient advocates can. All the best with your recovery now that the implant has been removed. Warmly, Vashanti (Community Advocate and Patient Leader)

  2. , thank you for sharing your experience with Inspire surgery. I'm so sorry to hear you had so many complications from the surgery. How long ago did you have it done and have you seen any improvements in your sleep apnea? Vashanti ( Advocate and Patient Leader)

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