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How Were You Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea?

  1. I had been having difficulty with sleeping for some time so I brought it up with my family doctor. I mentioned a leg twitching that I thought could be restless leg syndrome and we discussed possible insomnia. He referred me to a sleep specialist who ordered a sleep study.

    The study was horrible. The technician did detect signs of minor restless leg, but the real issue was a sever case of Central Sleep Apnea. I had an AHI of around 47 during the study. The tech also did a titration and we determined that CPAP would not work for me. So I ended up getting a BiPAP. I have now been using it for around 6 months.

    1. @Robert Ross. I think it's great that you got properly diagnosed and a treatment that works for you. It sounds like you have adapted well to your therapy as well. Warmly, Lisa ( Team Member and Advocate)

  2. I kept having this weird dream that I had a big wad of gum stuck in my throat. I would dream that I would pull and pull until I got the gum off of my tonsils and out of my throat. I would then wake up with a big gasp. I finally told my doctor and she ordered a sleep study. I had the sleep study and was prescribed a Bi-Pap.

    1. I was diagnosed in a hospital that was able to check and diagnose any sleep disorders. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

      Since that first diagnosis, the tests that I have taken have been with a pulse oximeter taped or with Velcro to my finger. With this it gives a reading of my night oximetry readings.
      Janet ( Team Member)

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