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Having surgery for inguinal hernia

Hi everyone. Very soon I will be having an operation for my hernia and have raised my concerns about having General Anesthetic when I have obstructive and central sleep apnea. They're response is that they will be giving a "light general anesthetic."

Can anyone else who has had surgery please advise. I'm a little nervous.

Currently I use an ASV machine which I am requested to bring in.


  1. Thanks very much but I already know about bringing the machine. What I need to know is 1. What anaesthetic have sleep apnoea patients used during surgery and 2. What are the risks of using general anaesthetic to a sleep apnoea patient.

    Sorry if this question has been asked before. I can't find answers if they have.

    Please help

    1. Hi Mike! These are really great questions! While you may get feedback from the community on personal experience, it’s important to note that people may react differently to anesthetics. I definitely encourage you to speak with a doctor or specialist, if you haven’t already, about which anesthetics have been used by sleep apnea patients and their risk, and I commend you for reaching out to the community as well. I hope you get all the information you’re looking for! -Catherine (Team Member)

  2. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for posting and being a part of our community.

    The anesthesiologist should be calling you the night before, so I would suggest reminding them at this point about your sleep apnea, just in case.

    Yes, bring your machine. Please remember to bring the power cord, and an extension cord can be helpful too.

    Good luck with your surgery; please keep us posted.

    Here is an article that you might find helpful when Sally prepared for her surgery.

    Warmly, — Matt G. ( Team Member

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