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Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea for Women

I think my journey with sleep apnea started as a child. I wasn't diagnosed until the age of 30. I think this is because my primary symptoms were anxiety and depression. I was tired too but when I went to the doctor I mainly complained of anxiety not daytime sleepiness. Can anyone else relate to this? I think a lot of people go undiagnosed because of similar symptoms.

  1. I`ve been living with this diagnosis for half my life too. At first I was told that it was due to psychosomatics. I'm not claiming that it doesn't exist, but specifically about my case I didn't believe in it. My search for a normal clinic for treatment was long unsuccessful, I was mostly pleased with where I`m being treated and at the moment. I have progress, so I advise everyone not to despair and to look for reliable specialists who won`t blame everything on your nerves. If a doc says you're too anxious, he's obviously not the best qualified.

    1. I'm happy to hear that you've noticed some progress, ; thank you for sharing this with us, and being a part of our community. 🙂 Cheers, — Matt G. ( Team Member

  2. I agree; I have struggled with sleep my whole life and despite even directly complaining about sleep, with my anxiety and depression second, most doctors I've encountered hand-waved any concern as me "just being dramatic and young and exaggerating -- and to stop willfully staying up so late." They refused to look into these matters on the basis of my age, and I went undiagnosed and without help until, well, I was almost 30.

    1. I would say what Doctors knew and understood about sleep disorders even 10 years ago has drastically improved. I still think women are under diagnosed but it is getting a bit better. Warmly, Lisa ( Team Member and Advocate)

  3. Me too, I am on my second mask. Started with the one under the nose and over the mouth, now have the one just for the nose and to the top of my mouth. I think I would like to get the one just for the nose, but I think I mouth breathe during the night, so not sure what to do. I have heard about the tape for the mouth, but not sure I can do that or not.

    1. I thought I would share with you an article on mouth taping Have you tried adjusting your heated humidifier? That can help with some people that mouth breathe. A chin strap is something else people find helpful. It is a learned behavior; you may want to give yourself a bit more time and see if it goes away over time. It did for me. Warmly, Lisa ( Team Member and Advocate)

  4. My machine is on recall from Phillips they offer no support. The machine can cause lung cancer do to floating particles in the machine. Not wearing it anymore. No resolve from the company co.e in and get a special filter and don't use water in the humidifier. I need the moisture this is a real joke. Something that is supposed to save your life can kill your lungs with cancer.

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