Have I Nailed My Sleep Apnea?

Last updated: October 2022

I've been having slight health problems for a few years now, such as rhinitis, oesophageal reflux (actually just a bit of acidy heartburn occasionally), and sleep apnea. More recently, I've been diagnosed with slight asthma and the most annoying symptom of COPD (wheezing so loudly in bed, it was difficult to fall asleep with the noise). I take fexofenadine for rhinitis, omeprazole for reflux and CPAP (the cure is worse than the problem), and a steroidal inhaler to stop me wheezing (each morning and night).

Hopefully, I've found my long term cure

A simple comment by my daughter set me on the road to what is hopefully a long term cure. She said, "Dad, I think all the problems you're having might be linked. Maybe your reflux is affecting your breathing tubes." I decided to deal with every symptom as if they were linked, so I took a fexofenadine two hours before bed and an omeprazole (just 10mg, an over the counter dose) an hour before I went to bed. I used the steroidal inhaler as normal. My nose was blocked when I lay down normally, so I gave one nostril (only ever my left) a spray of Sinex so I could definitely breath through one side. (I don't like using Sinex because it's very easy to become dependent on it, and difficult to wean yourself off).

Feeling like a new person!

I didn't wear my CPAP and amazingly, the result was immediately palpable, I felt the benefit the very first morning. However, I had a few drinks one night and the reflux (a food and drink burp while sleeping) got past the omeprazole, so I decided I would not eat after 6pm thereby giving my food time to digest before going to bed.

To be honest I feel like a new man, though I'm only two weeks into the regime, I have stopped wheezing, stopped snoring, I'm able to breathe through my nose and I'm sleeping much better without the CPAP. I'm also less achy when I wake up. My back was always achy of a morning but even this seems to be getting better.

It definitely seems to be working for me, so if you recognize any of all of the problems I had, maybe consider giving it a go yourself and good luck!

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