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Top 3 Must-Haves for My CPAP

Last updated: September 2022

Since I started using my continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine regularly, I had to move things around. My entire nightstand is dedicated to my CPAP. I have covered the top with a shelving liner to help keep my machine from falling off. I keep my gallon of distilled water up there; and, these 3 must-have CPAP supplies I can’t live without, accompany my machine: I keep paper towels, CPAP wipes, and mask spray.

What's in my dresser?

Even the drawers of my dresser are filled with CPAP supplies to help with my sleep apnea. In the bottom drawer, I hang on to an old tank, hose, and mask just in case. In the top drawer are my filters, new supplies, extra CPAP wipes, a bottle of water, and my sleep supplements.

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My must have CPAP supplies

Paper towels

I used to have to change out my pillowcases daily because I drool really bad as I sleep. Now with the CPAP, there are times in the middle of the night I feel like I’m drowning because I’m drooling, and it pools inside the mask.

I keep paper towels on my nightstand so I can quickly grab them and dry the inside of my mask. Then, I am able to go back to sleep.

As of late, they also come in handy when condensation builds up in the hose at night and starts making the most annoying popping-clicking sound. Having the paper towels close by helps. I hold the hose upside down to let all the water out to stop the sound.

CPAP wipes

I keep wipes handy because sometimes the drool dries and then it blows disgusting flakes. The paper towel won’t cut it so I use the CPAP wipes to clean the mask out quickly and go back to bed.

I like Care Touch wipes. They don’t have any alcohol in them and have a nice citrus smell. I get a 3 pack of them every 3 months and it’s 1 of the best things I have used to help keep my CPAP mask clean. I even use them on the machine itself too when dust builds up on.

Mask Bright spray

I clean my mask out daily because I drool on myself. I use baby soap, but the mask still stinks afterwards. I started using the mask spray because it has very few ingredients in it, but it helps deodorize the mask while cleaning it.

After using 2 to 3 sprays, I let it set for 2 minutes. Then, I rinse it out with warm water, and after it dries, it smells amazing but doesn’t leave any residue or greasiness from the spray. The spray has a pleasant citrus smell.

Originally, I just used it on my mask but while watching YouTube videos, I saw someone that replaced the baby soap with the spray, so I made the switch. It leaves my tubbing, tank, and mask clean with a light scent of orange that remains after you use it.

CPAP supply shopping

Using my CPAP has changed the things that I buy. I’ve tried different things and what I’m using now works. I couldn’t imagine running out of Mask Bright or my CPAP wipes, so I have them set to auto replenish on Amazon. I get a bottle of Mask Bright everything 2 months and the CPAP wipes every 3 months (since it comes with 3 canisters of wipes).

What is 1 thing you must have for your CPAP?

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