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Using the MyAir App to Manage Sleep Apnea

I started using the myAir app with my new ResMed AirSense 11 in July 2023 to treat my severe obstructive sleep apnea. At first, I was very interested in seeing what my score was every morning. So here is my review of the myAir App and how it's helped me manage my sleep apnea.

MyAir App Dashboard screenshot.Dashboard

This first screen shows my score for the most recent night that the machine recorded. The score is based on usage hours, mask seal, events per hour, and how many times the mask was taken off. There are also helpful videos on how to maintain the machine.


This section is useful because I can look back at previous months and see trends in my therapy. For example, I can look at my mask seal scores and this is a good indicator of when I need to change my mask cushion.

Usage Hours

Generally, I aim for 8 hours of sleep, and rarely do I have 6 hours or less. However, I do not feel this section is an accurate reflection of how many hours I actually slept. My nighttime routine includes listening to an audiobook at bedtime. Therefore, I would put on the mask, turn on my machine then lie down. However, I don't fall asleep for another 20 to 30 minutes.

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Mask Seal

Like many CPAP users, I am constantly trying to find the best mask to use that doesn't have many leaks. Initially, when I started using CPAP, I found myself sleeping only on my back. However, recently, I've been sleeping on my side more and this has led to more mask leaks.

Therefore, a poor mask seal score tells me 2 things: either my mask cushion needs to change or I have too many things on my mind so I'm tossing and turning more.

So far, my best seal according to the app was 0 leaks. I just wish I could remember exactly what I did to get such a good seal! On the other hand, my worse worst seal so far has 58 leaks per minute.

On the left, a screenshot of the graph on the usage page of the MyAir app. On the right, a screenshot of the graph on the mask seal page of the MyAir app.

Left: usage page. Right: mask seal.


Since I've been using the app, my events have consistently been below 2 events per hour. That's remarkable considering my first sleep study indicated I was having over 80 events per hour!

Low events per hour indicate that my therapy is working and I'm getting good quality sleep. There was a brief period when my events went up to 3 and I could definitely feel a difference the next day.


This setting is supposed to indicate how many times I take the mask off. However, I discovered it also records how many times I turn the machine off. For a period in my life when I was going through a stressful time, I had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. When I'm awake and tossing, I find the pressure too high to tolerate. So I thought about turning the machine off, then turning it on again to restart the ramp until I fall asleep again.

While this helped me to fall back asleep, it increased the on/off score and that brought my overall score down.

On the left, a screenshot of the graph on the events page of the MyAir app. On the right, a screenshot of the graph on the on/off page of the MyAir app.

Left: events page. Right: on/off.


Since I mostly have a good mask seal and low events per hour, I found that my score was mostly affected by usage time and on/off times. So lesson learned: don't turn the machine off and on again throughout the night.

Possible improvements

While I find some information on the app useful, there are some improvements I would like to see. For instance, I would like to find out when exactly my events occur. Additionally, I would like to be able to record when I changed my supplies like mask, hose, and filter so I can get reminders of when to replace them.

Do you use the myAir app to manage sleep apnea? Please share a comment.

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