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Morning and Evening Routines for Better Sleep and Productivity

Five years ago, I would have told you I'm not a morning person. But that changed when I started CPAP therapy.

All of a sudden, I was sleeping better and waking up with tons of energy. Furthermore, I was not in a constant brain fog or thinking about when I could take a nap.

As a result of sleeping better, I now have tons of motivation to do things I couldn't do before. For example, start my own online health coaching business.

New business, new routines

However, I learned quickly that starting a business takes more than getting certified and getting a website. It actually meant changing up my routines in a big way. As I'm writing this, I've already been up for 2 hours. During those 2 hours, I've had something warm to drink, meditated, and worked out.

Above all, I encourage my clients to develop a morning and evening routine to help them achieve their health goals. Here are my top recommendations.

A good morning starts the night before

Firstly, establish a firm bedtime, then work your way backward. It helps to know that I'll get a good night's sleep with my CPAP, and I aim for 8 hours. For example, I want to wake up at 5 AM. Therefore my firm bedtime is 9 PM.

Secondly, disconnect from all electronics 1 hour before bedtime. That is to say, I turn off the TV and put my phone in airplane mode at 8 PM. The blue light from electronic devices has been shown to negatively affect sleep.1

Protect the hour before sleep

This 1 hour before sleep is a favorite time of mine. It is a time to practice self-care. For example, it is when I cleanse my face and sometimes apply a skincare mask for 15 minutes. Additionally, I can massage my feet while listening to an audiobook. I also like to journal about my day and plan for tomorrow. This has the effect of clearing my mind for sleep.

Let's say my evening routine goes according to plan, and I sleep for 8 hours with my CPAP. Then the next morning, I find myself waking naturally before my alarm. Therefore, I'm not tempted to hit snooze.

Create a morning routine

Start by making the bed. I once watched a commencement speech by Admiral William H. McRaven (U.S. Navy Retired) that changed the way I think about making the bed in the morning. Consequently, this is now a non-negotiable part of my morning routine.

Next in my routine, I have a cup of warm lemon water. It is surprisingly delicious and more eye-opening than coffee. I follow this by 10-15 minutes of meditation using a guided meditation app.

Finally, my favorite part of the morning is my workout. I love working out in the morning because it gives me laser focus, keeps me strong, and puts me in a ridiculously great mood. I encourage my clients to vary their exercises to include cardio, strength training, and yoga. Additionally, I recommend only 30 minutes per session.

Improved quality of life

In conclusion, using CPAP helped to treat my sleep apnea and improve many aspects of my life. However, developing and sticking to a morning and evening routine gave me the discipline and consistency to pursue my ambitions and goals. Do you have a morning and evening routine?

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