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Sleep Apnea Mouth Piece/ Invisalign Braces

Hi everyone, I wear Invisalign retainers at night time and my doctor just called to say I either need a sleep apnea machine or a sleep apnea mouth piece. I would rather do the mouth piece but don’t know if they would work with my Invisalign’s? Does anyone have any advice? My dentist is looking in to it but he didn’t sound like he was familiar with the mouth piece. Thank you!

  1. I realize this response is really late but maybe it’ll give show someone else another person’s experience. I was at the end of my Invisalign treatment when I began using a cpap. The only problem I experienced with my aligners and now retainers is when i used a nasal pillow and later nasal masks with use of a chin strap. If I did not position the chin strap correctly to ensure my mouth stayed closed, I’d wind up with a dry mouth with the back of my upper lip glued to my upper aligner. I now use a hybrid full face mask (f30i) while using retainers with no problems.

    1. Thanks so much for chiming in with your experience, . I am glad you found a mask that is comfortable for you. , I am curious as to what you settled on. Did the dentist find an oral device that works with braces or did you settle on a CPAP? Wishing you both the best. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. Hi . I would think a sleep apnea mouth piece would be difficult and uncomfortable with retainers. They are also not always effective for everyone. You should be able to wear a full mask with Invisalign retainers, but you might be more comfortable with a nasal pillow since that doesn't cover the mouth. Here is an article about sleep apnea devices that might interest you: I hope others chime in here with some input. Warmest of wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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