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Home sleep study

Has anyone here had a home sleep study? What was it like? Were you able to get a diagnosis just through that study?

  1. Yes, one night with a very simple testing device and within a few days, I was diagnosed. It was super easy, comfortable, and accurate.
    Best wishes, Tamara (community advocate)

    1. It had got to the stage where I couldn't stay awake at work, by lunchtime I'd be asleep at my desk. I'd get home of an afternoon and slump into a lounge chair and fall asleep, shaking the roof with my snoring. After 2 years of my wife complaining about my snoring and stopping breathing, she arranged a Dr's appointment for me. He arranged a home sleep test, basically I collected the gear in the afternoon, a quick demonstration on how to hook it all up and off I went. That night, with all the apparatus attached, I attempted to get some sleep, and to my surprise I simply went to sleep as usual. My wife had a terrible night, not being able to sleep with my snoring, and realising how much she would usually kick, prod and poke me during the night to make me roll over to stop snoring, but only getting temporary relief. I dropped off the equipment the next day, a few days later I was contacted with the results, an AHI of 95, mostly obstructive sleep apnoea with some centrals. After my diagnosis I started using a bipap, and after the initial period of getting used to the mask, pressure and machine noise etc, I now use it every night. I won't attempt to sleep without it, I might as well not go to bed at all if I can't use it. My machine has done over 26700 hours work, about 10 years worth of keeping my breathing regular of a night, hopefully it keeps puffing along for a while yet.

      1. Thank you for for sharing your experience. Warmly, Lisa ( Team Member)

      2. This was a wonderful read, I'm really happy for you - thanks so much for sharing.

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