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Missing Out Because of Sleep Apnea

One thing people without sleep apnea don’t have to worry about is missing out on certain experiences in life. When sleeping is restricted to a machine and a power source, you can miss a lot of little things you or others may want to do.

There are a few things I used to like to do and my kids want to do that I am not able to do or do easily. This can be disheartening and I have to learn how to manage that mentally. Thankfully, most people are very understanding and only want me to do what is best for myself. It just stinks when you have to say no to something that sounds fun and will build memories with your kids.

Missing out on camping trips

The main thing I miss with the kids is being able to go camping. Sometimes, they want to go hiking and spend the night in the woods with a bonfire and some good conversation and laughs. Unfortunately, I am not able to easily do this and certainly can’t do it the way they want me to. I could use a campground where there is a power source, but I can’t hike into the woods and set up camp at a remote location. This can be difficult. I want to spend time with the kids doing what they want to do. Thankfully, they are understanding, but I still feel bad because I know they can’t turn off that desire to want to go camping with me.

Missing leisurely naps on the couch

I also miss the ability to fall asleep on the couch and not get woken up for being too loud or waking up with a sore throat. There is something nostalgic to me about dozing off in the middle of the afternoon watching TV. I can’t do this anymore because of my sleep apnea. It can be kind of upsetting, and sometimes I don’t let that stop me either. I try not to, but sometimes I will take the abrupt awakening to enjoy a quick snooze on the couch.

Missing hassle-free travel

One last thing I miss is not having to make sure I have my machine when I travel. It’s not so much that it is hard to remember as it is another bag I have to bring with me. If I am flying, it has to be my carry-on. There is no way I am risking it getting lost or damaged. If I am driving, that is more space I have to waste in the car for this one item. If you travel with a family, you know that space is valuable in a car. On top of this being something you want to baby so it doesn’t break, it takes up space of things you can buy while on vacation.

Better to be in control of the condition

There are plenty of other things I miss out on with sleep apnea, but these are a few of the main things I miss and miss out on. Even missing out on a lot of things, I still believe that it is better to have the diagnosis and restrictions that come from controlling this condition. Thankfully, this does help my kids realize it is better to control your medical conditions than to do what you want and can be problematic to your health.

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