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Packing Tips for Traveling With CPAP

Does anyone else dread having to pack for an upcoming trip? I create a tornado effect in my room and closet whenever I have to pack to go somewhere. Finding space for my continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine would be a challenge until I learned these packing tips for CPAP to help.

My packing tips for CPAP

I feel that most people dislike packing in general, but then add the stressors of fitting your machine with all your other belongings!! Oy! What a production packing is with the added contraption.

Love traveling, dislike packing

I absolutely love traveling! I like to consider myself an avid traveler. Thus far in my life, I have visited 10 countries. It is definitely not as high as I would like the number to be but it is getting there!

I absolutely despise having to check a bag at the airport so I try to pack as light as I can. However, with this added contraption that takes up almost my whole travel backpack/suitcase, I almost always need to pack 2 bags!

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To bring my CPAP machine or not?

I have tried to master the art of rolling my clothes to make them as small as possible and wear my bulkiest clothes to and from the airport. This has definitely allowed more space in my suitcase. But, I still find myself needing 2 bags. Unless I do not bring my machine.

I am not going to lie, I have done this in the past but it was not my best decision. Now, I try to avoid this at all costs. I feel an enormous difference when I sleep without my machine versus when I sleep with it. So, I have learned to accept the fact that I cannot be an as-compact packer as I wish!

My backpack strategy

The best technique that I have found for myself is to pack my backpack as my carry-on. This is where I put my machine usually. I purchased a carry-on-size backpack that zips all the way so the flap opens up like a regular suitcase. This way I can place my machine on the "bottom" of the bag and then things like my book, tablet, and other things I might want on the plane on top of my backpack.

That way, when I reach security and they ask me to take out my machine, I can quickly unzip the bag and take out the machine. Then when I am on the plane, my other items are at the top so I do not have to unzip my bag entirely creating a mess in the already tiny seats.

What about distilled water?

I have not mastered the distilled water predicament when traveling to other countries, especially countries with limited water resources. Early in my CPAP using life, I researched that it is okay to use regular water for the machine for a few days!

Therefore, I tend to lean toward doing this when I am away in developing countries. Otherwise, I pick up a gallon of distilled water on my way from the airport or on a grocery run.

Does anyone else have packing tips for CPAP to share? Or struggles? And has anyone mastered the “finding distilled water” difficulties during their travels? Join the community and comment below!

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