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My Most Dreaded Task: Cleaning My CPAP Machine

I am a huge checklist person. Every Monday morning I start my day by writing out my day-to-day schedule for the week with an accompanying “to-do” list. Last on the list to complete: the easiest way to clean cpap machine.

There is something about crossing each item off after you complete it that is just so satisfying! Anyone else feel the same way??

The one thing I could not cross off my list

To get to the point of why I am sharing this thought with you...at the top of the list, every Sunday, would be to clean my continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. This is the one item I would not cross out because I hated doing it, so I didn’t do it. I would scribble it out as if it wasn’t ever there and then I’d tell myself that I would do it next week. This happened every week. Every. Single. Week.

I don’t know what it was but I just really disliked cleaning my machine via the soap and water method that was initially described to me when I was prescribed the CPAP!

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Ending the procrastination cycle

Finally, I put an end to this cycle. I realized that this was unhealthy for me and that I needed to take care of my machine for multiple reasons.

  1. It is an expensive machine that I wasn’t going to be replacing anytime soon.
  2. I am breathing in the air from the machine. So if the machine is dirty, then that means that I am breathing in the dirty air. I already have asthma so did I need to make matters worse for myself? The answer for me was no.
  3. Was it really that difficult? When I break down the task, the answer for me was no.
  4. I am a clean person, so I enjoy things being clean. Why wouldn’t that apply to something I put on my face every night?!

Researching my cleaning options

So, I did a lot of research about which products I could purchase to make this process easier for me since I avoided it every chance I got. There are so many great options out there so I am just here to share which one I ended up purchasing and how I feel about it thus far.

Also, just a side note: in case you are reading this and wondering, I did eventually clean the CPAP (after putting it off for a while) but it definitely was not the 1x per week as recommended.

Choosing CPAP cleaning products

I purchased my products through 3B Medical Lumin. I purchased the Lumin Bullet for the tubing and the mask and humidifier cleaner (‘CPAP Cleaner’). It was one of my more costly purchases, totaling about $340.00. But, for me, it was worth it. I honestly really like these products.

The soap and water tactic worked well to clean the tubing and my mask. The problem for me – it was something I always dreaded doing. Therefore, I never did it enough. Making the purchase of these products was about convenience for me. I enjoy the ease of use with the 2 products and it allows me to complete the task more often rather than avoiding it for weeks.

My easiest way to clean my CPAP machine

At this point, I have not tried any of the other cleaning products on the market and this is just to share the decision I made for my convenience and what fits best for my lifestyle.

I'm hoping this might shed some light on this situation if you are also trying to make this type of decision.

Do you dread cleaning your CPAP? Have you found any products that make the job easier? Let us know in the comments below!

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