Laura Wheatman Hill

Sleep Apnea Community Advocate Laura Wheatman HillLaura Wheatman Hill was a restless child with restless legs and slight sleep apnea who was told she needed to be less of a Gemini and commit to one task. She refused. A theatre kid by heart, she felt most at home on stage and with her theatrical peers.

As she entered college, she double majored in theatre with a directing emphasis and English. She got her master's of arts in teaching from there and taught high school and middle school for the statistically appropriate amount of time before leaving to go freelance and raise her two kids in Portland, Oregon.

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She always dreamed of being a writer has been an excessive journaler as a child and began writing plays and essays. As she was getting into a real pattern and understanding how to adult, the pandemic started and everything changed. She continued writing, though, and making peace with her life and the way it was supposed to go.

Now, Laura, her restless legs, her restless, snoring children, and her pandemic puppy enjoy the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, a good snuggle, and a fun TV show. You can find her at and on Twitter @lwheatma.

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