Years of Snoring

For many years I have listened to my dad, the buzz saw! My brother flapping his lips and me grinding wood. This was every night back in the 1970s!

One night dad woke everyone up and kept on buzzing! After very tense racking minutes we finally got him up and once he was up we ran back quickly to our beds before he knew what happened!

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My sleep apnea experience

I guess I inherited sleep apnea and have had it since the 1990s! I wear the mask but it pinches my face, but recently that has eased up, however, I can never really get comfortable with any pillow!

I'm on SS and really need something to help, but don't have the money to get additional items! This is the reason I would like the free pillow. Sleep apnea is a real pain in the neck! Also, does this new nose filter really work?

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