2nd Chance To Enjoy Life

Hi my name is Kindall, my journey with CPAP is brand new.

For almost two years family told me I should get tested to see if I have sleep apnea, and it was only within the last 3-4 months I knew I need to get tested when I was falling asleep talking to someone, or sitting at the table drinking my coffee, and next thing I realize I’m wearing it cause I fell asleep that fast holding the cup.

Poor sleep study results

My sleep study showed 52 events in light sleep, and 71 an hour in REM sleep, with my oxygen dropping as low as 60%.

The results the Doctor said was one of the worst she had seen in a few years, and if I let it continue, it can, and will send me into cardiac arrest, there's no way at 48 I'm ready to go yet. I'm getting married in October finally, and my fiancé June, and I are buying a home, plus adopting two young siblings. I want to be here.

I'm on week 7 of CPAP, and within 3 weeks I found my energy much higher, friends, and family were so surprised to see I wasn't falling asleep in the car as a passenger, I wasn't edgy, or downing multiple coffee cups to feel good etc.

Plus as a firefighter I was finally on my A Game again performing my job.

Fast forward to today, and seven weeks later after starting CPAP, I scored my first 100 on the MyAir app, and my events since starting have been 5-7, even some days less than 1.

Learning to be patient

It wasn’t easy, some nights ripping my mask off in my sleep, and not realizing it, other days my fiancé waking me up cause my mask is off, and I’m gasping for air, or moving my legs that I’m hitting her, once I put my mask on, it all stops.

I’ve learned to be patient, and not beat myself up, it all takes time, and it just gets better, and better, and I will not fail at this, cause the result will be cardiac arrest, and not being here. God has given me a 2nd chance, and I hope all who read this is encouraged, don’t give up, it will take time, but the results are amazing. God bless!

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