Mask Issues

Last updated: May 2022

When I was first diagnosed, I was issued a nasal pillow mask. I wore it faithfully for about 2 months, but the head bands kept slipping down on my slippery hair, and had to be adjusted several times a night. Very exhausting.

Discovery of a mask that works!

I began a search on the internet for something better and was TREMENDOUSLY pleased to discover the BLEEP SLEEP "mask". It covers ONLY your nostrils... no straps, no fuss, no lines on your face in the morning.... AND I can put it on and READ before going to sleep. The nasal pillow mask did not allow that! It is the BEST thing ever invented!

The overall impression of the mask

There was a learning curve, but the customer service was superb. Do exactly as they say and you will do very well. If it "hisses" when you attach to the air, a quick turn of the little "attacher" will stop that immediately and you will have a peaceful sleep, unencumbered by straps and gadgets!! One problem... if you get a dry mouth in the night, you can't get a glass to your mouth to drink, so I got a sports drink bottle that squirts water into my mouth.... perfect solution!! I can't recommend this highly enough.

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