Sleeping With Cats

I am a professional cat sitter, and I have sleep apnea. I travel with my CPAP machine to other people's houses. I house sit and I cat sit.

My experience as a CPAP travel cat sitter

On my first night, I moved furniture and nick-knacks and set up my machine. Sometimes one of the cats wants to bat the hose around. Sometimes the sound of the machine scares one of the cats. If this is the case, I sleep in a separate room away from the cats in the house. Recently, I watched a household of five cats who were fine with my CPAP machine because one of their owners uses CPAP too!

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The benefits of sleeping with cats

It's a great treat for me to be able to use my CPAP machine and sleep in the same bed as the cats. I love the closeness of cats when I am sleeping. Cat people will understand. Whenever I am cat sitting, I make sure my equipment is covered and safe from cat hair. Do you know that a cat's purr has healing properties? Years ago, I lived with a sweet calico named Evie who liked the cool breeze of the CPAP blowing on her face.

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