A Long Road

Last updated: January 2023

My story began over 20 yrs ago when I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was told I had to wear a "space mask". The therapist that did the test told me I looked like an alien in the mask that fit me, that was it (AND THE FACT THAT MY INSURANCE DIDN'T COVER MY DIAGNOSIS). No mask for me, so I started taking sleeping pills.

Twenty years later

I was always tired, had severe headaches, couldn't do any activities with my kids, and was missing out on life. One day while driving to work, I missed a corner and drove up on someone's lawn, I had dozed off. So it was back to the clinic for another test, I only got about 1 1/2 hrs sleep but that was enough. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and had stopped breathing for over a minute during the test. Headgear had changed over the years, so I got a dreamwear nasal mask with a chinstrap, which took me 3 months to get used to plus the machine pressures.

Finally, I was getting the sleep I needed, I still need my sleeping pills for insomnia, but I was finally sleeping a deep sleep. I felt great. Then I decided I wanted a full face mask to get rid of the chin strap because I had TMJ.

CPAP supplier communication issues

My supplier had moved, and now I had to travel 1 hr for a new supplier. I got to my first appointment to find out the person I was to see never showed up for work that day and they didn't know why. 😤

I would have to order a mask I knew nothing about and had 3 days to try it out and return it, what a bummer. I did try two out and they both leaked terribly, so I am still using my nasal mask and have gotten a new type of headgear. The chinstraps come generic, so I still have to alter them to make them fit better, but I refuse to go back to that supplier and am making do with what I have. There has to be a better way of trying new masks and having my new insurance pay for trying them. Sleep well, my friends.

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