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Review of Friska Nightly Reboot Digestive Enzyme and Probiotics Supplement

It’s 5:49 AM and I’m wide awake. I laid here all night with my continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine on, but my mind and body were wide awake. When it was time for bed, I realized that I was out of my sleep supplement. I figured I would be fine without it for a night. However, I was wrong. Here is what happened that lead to my review of Friska Nightly Reboot with sleep apnea.

Why I tried Friska Nightly Reboot

Like normal nights, I put my CPAP online to monitor my sleep apnea. I turned on a sleep story on the Calm app and for the first time, I heard the end of the story. I’ve struggled with insomnia for a very long time.

I don't like prescription sleep medications because I was sleep-eating and sleep-driving, which was super dangerous. Also, I’ve tried different melatonin-based products, sleep teas, and other natural sleep medications over the years. When I find 1 that works, it may help for a few months and then it doesn’t work for me anymore.

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I got this bottle of Friska Nightly Reboot Digestive Enzyme and Probiotics Supplement in my Ipsy subscription bag and thought it was a strange combination, but I would give it a try for my sleep struggles.

What is Friska Nightly Reboot?

When I pulled the Friska nightly reboot out of the subscription box, I was curious and slightly intrigued to see the reviews on this product. I’ve taken a ton of supplements for sleep but this is the first sleep supplement I’ve ever seen that has a probiotic in it.

The ingredients on the back show 3 mg of melatonin, 1 billion CFU bacillus subtilis DE111, 25 mg chamomile flower and a proprietary blend of enzymes: amylase 2000DU, protease 5000HUT, and lipase 500FIP.

How can Friska help digestive health?

According to the Friska website, this product provides “better food break-down to avoid going to bed with an uncomfortably full feeling. Melatonin and chamomile help relax your mind for better nighttime rest and sleep support.“ Friska Nightly Reboot promotes healthy digestion while improving rest and sleep.1

My review: Friska Nightly Reboot

I take 1 pill 30 minutes before bed, check out the picture below to see what the capsule looks like.

A bottle of pills and a hand holding 1 pill

The first night I took it I felt more relaxed, my mind didn’t wander and I fell asleep pretty quickly after starting my sleep story and putting on my CPAP mask.

The following morning, I woke up. I didn't feel groggy or tired like some sleep supplements have made me feel. I didn’t know if it was a fluke or not, but I continued taking it. While I didn’t fall asleep right away, I did fall asleep before the hour-long story ended.

Benefits: gut health and falling asleep

After about 2 weeks, I noticed that I wasn’t as bloated as I normally am. Also, I didn’t have stomach cramps waking me up in the middle of the night. The fact that it helped with my gut health was an added bonus to being able to fall asleep.

I just picked up another bottle of Friska Nightly Reboot. After not taking it I can definitely feel the difference. After taking it for 2 weeks, I didn’t have as much stomach cramping and pain. I was able to fall asleep in under an hour before the hour-long sleep story ends on the Calm app.

For me, it seems like after a month or 2 of taking something that it just doesn’t work anymore. However, with the added benefit of better gut health with probiotics, I think I will continue taking it for that reason or possibly consider adding just a probiotic to my daily regime of supplements in addition to magnesium, D3, iron, and immune support supplements.

Have you tried Friska Nightly Reboot? Please feel free to share any other supplements that have been effective for improving your sleep.

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