Ugh…. Another Sleepless Night Without My CPAP!

Last updated: August 2022

I realize this is not a community-specific for insomnia. But I'm quite sure I'm not alone with having both conditions of sleep apnea with insomnia. Let me tell you this is not a good mix!

First off, I haven't had any real problems with this mix. Until my CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine got too dangerous to use, and I'm still waiting on a replacement from the recall.

Insomnia without CPAP

There are some of you that, might be wondering why this isn't a good mix.

Well, to begin with, once I got diagnosed with sleep apnea and got a CPAP machine, I didn't really have any problems with this mix. But now being back to square one, meaning before I got diagnosed, the problem is very noticeable. Here's why:

  1. Before when my CPAP was still working, if I had insomnia I would still kind of lay there at night read, play on the tablet, whatever.  I was still able to use my CPAP and get the correct airflow through my body even while just resting.
  2. Along with using the CPAP like that when insomnia would kick in, I could at least get some dozing in whether I completely fell asleep or not but that also helped my body to rest a little.  There again that was just from having the CPAP on even with insomnia.
  3. For me, being able to use a CPAP machine actually lowered the nights of insomnia!
  4. The worst part is if I do happen to get some sleep during the insomnia nights, I crash hard, and snore loudly. Along with being restless while sleeping.  So not actually getting any rest!!  Then waking up hurting, and much more tired than I was before I slept.

An open window: my temporary CPAP replacement!!

You know I found out years ago that extra air movement helps me sleep better.   When there was any kind of breeze outside, I would at least crack the window, even in the middle of winter to get the air movement.  Getting the most restful peaceful sleep ever, with my face right up next to the open window, was a temporary replacement for my CPAP!

But after getting older and getting married, that open window policy changed, especially in the middle of winter.

For some reason, it seemed to put a strain on the relationship!

So, now I just have a little fan that sets on my bed stand. I run it at night, with my face as close as I can get it to the fan. Not quite as good as the open window but it kinda works!  And definitely not like a CPAP machine!

Not being able to breathe!!

With sleep apnea, it all comes down to not being able to breathe properly while you're sleeping.  For me at night when I lay down to rest, my breathing slows down just a bit. This is even with insomnia. So, I lay there trying to relax without the right kind of air movement, because of the apnea. This just intensifies not being able to rest with insomnia.

And, this is why I say insomnia and sleep apnea do not mix well!!

Are you also waiting for a CPAP replacement? Is the wait making a difference for your insomnia and sleep apnea? Please share a comment with the community.

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