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How Hyperhidrosis Impacts My CPAP Mask Comfort

As the winter turns to spring and summer, I get a lump in my stomach as I have to face another condition that compounds my sleep apnea stress. When winter ends, I must deal with hyperhidrosis. Coping with hyperhidrosis' impact on my CPAP mask requires additional effort.

What is hyperhidrosis? If you don’t know what that is, it’s excessive sweating. Many people get it on their hands, feet, or armpits. I have it on my face. When I get an attack, it makes wearing my CPAP mask quite uncomfortable.

My hyperhidrosis causes excessive sweating and makes my mask extremely hot on my face. It’s not very pleasant to wear when this happens. Here are a few ways I deal with this discomfort.

How to cope with hyperhidrosis' impact on CPAP masks

Calming down

I need to stay calm at night when it’s warm. If I get stressed, then I’ll start sweating. I have no control over it. Trying to wear a mask while my face is hot doesn’t work. I have to cool down before bed and stay cool while sleeping. It can be frustrating at times, but I’ve learned how to live with it.

Waiting for the room to cool

Opening a window and waiting for the room cool is my best option in the spring, as the air is cool enough at night to provide enough comfort before I go to sleep. However, this isn’t a good option in the summer as the room may stay warm into the early morning hours, which impacts the hours of sleep I get.

Blowing fan

Our condo has no room for an air conditioner, so I use a fan. I have this near the bed, and it gives off enough cool air to leave me somewhat comfortable on warm days. However, it’s not the best solution on days with extreme heat.

1 thin sheet

To combat mask heat, I use 1 thin sheet. This cools my body enough to help me sleep whenever I feel my hyperhidrosis kicking in. I will turn my pillow over a few times until my head is cool enough to try and go to sleep. On the hottest summer days, this won’t work all that well for me.

Shower or bath

A good bath or shower in the spring will cool me down enough that the mask heat doesn’t bother me. However, this has the opposite effect in the summer as my body will heat up far too much, and wearing my mask starts to become frustrating as it’s far too hot.

My number 1 trick

My top trick for staying calm when you suffer from CPAP mask heat is to use an ice pack under the pillowcase. This simple trick keeps my head cool for around a half-hour, enough for me to go to sleep. It not only combats my hyperhidrosis but also the excess mask heat.


If you have hyperhidrosis along with sleep apnea, try the ice pack trick or any of the tips above, as I find they help a lot. These tricks will also work for general mask heat even if you have no other conditions. Staying comfortable with a CPAP machine is difficult, but you’ll get used to it over time.

Remember, you are not alone! Do you experience excessive sweating? Share your comments below.

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