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The Joys of a Good Durable Medical Equipment Supplier

I have recently returned to my sleep specialist after a long hiatus. I don’t recommend taking a hiatus from any doctor, especially your sleep specialist.

I now have a new CPAP and a durable medical equipment (DME) supplier. I forgot how much easier it is to have a DME when it comes to your CPAP and supplies.

My DME deals with my insurance company

I have found that dealing with a DME makes my life so much easier. They handle all of the approvals and issues when it comes to my health insurance. 

Insurance companies usually require a prescription from your doctor. My DME handles all of that leg work. This is not something I enjoy doing. DMEs have more experience and probably know the ins and outs better than me when dealing with health insurance companies.

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My DME knows when it's time for new supplies

My new DME keeps track of when I am eligible for new supplies. Obviously, this is a great feature. How many times have we woken up to a ripped mask or broken headgear? It’s happened to me on a few occasions over the years. Then I realized I hadn’t ordered supplies for over a year. The DME calling me to let me know I am eligible for supplies should prevent this issue.

When I get new supplies, I always keep my old mask and tube for emergency purposes. I only keep 1 old one for backup purposes. It’s rare that I have had to use an old backup piece of equipment. However, it has provided me peace of mind that I have an emergency tube, mask, or headgear.

Keep in touch with your sleep specialist and DME

Staying active with your sleep specialist and DME will also prevent lapses if your CPAP breaks. My DME is local and they have a storefront. If I needed to swap out my CPAP, I could do this rather quickly. Supplies are shipped to my house, so I have the best of both worlds.

Pros and cons of using Amazon

During the time when I was not going to my sleep specialist, I was using Amazon for my CPAP supplies. The pros of this are that I had my supplies within 2 days. Surprisingly, there are quite a few stores on Amazon selling CPAP supplies. So there will be options.

The con is that it can be pricey. Obviously, Amazon doesn’t accept insurance, so this is all out of pocket. I would only use Amazon now if I was traveling and needed something in an emergency.

Not all DMEs are the same

Something to think about is to check your insurance to see if you have other DMEs in your network. I have found it’s nice to have options. Not all DMEs are the same. DMEs are like any other business. If I am not provided good service, I want to take my business elsewhere. DMEs are no exception.

What are your experiences with DMEs? Are you someone who doesn’t use DMEs? If so, how do you get your supplies? Have any of you found other online providers besides Amazon? I am a big believer that knowledge is power. I hope I have provided some insight. I’ll look forward to hearing about your experiences.

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