What Pisses You Off the Most About Sleep Apnea?

It is frustrating to not be able to get a good night’s rest after a tiresome day. Dealing with sleep apnea is not only stressful because of the symptoms – the treatment options can be irritating as well. Dealing with the disease becomes more difficult with the limited options.

Why CPAP sucks

Sleep apnea can affect your activity during the day. It can also affect your productivity at work. Many people in the community expressed their frustration with the everyday struggle of dealing with sleep apnea.

We reached out to members of the Sleep Apnea community on Facebook. We asked, “What pisses you off the most about your sleep apnea?”

We received over 100 responses from community members. Many expressed the difficulties of getting the proper rest and treatment.

Sleepless nights

Getting the necessary hours of sleep at night is important for your well-being. Getting a good night of sleep may be just what you need after a long day. Living with sleep apnea makes that rest much harder to have. And a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine can feel like it makes matters worse.

“Cannot sleep more than an hour without it. I wake myself up gasping for breath like a fish out of water.”

“It doesn’t help at all. It takes hours to get to sleep, and I can't stay asleep. I am so tired in the morning. It is a waste of money. I have no energy in the morning.”

“If my seal breaks during my sleep from rolling on my sides I get a burst of air up into my eyes. My mask never seems to fit right. I'm up at different times at night adjusting my mask and straps.”

Why do I have to pay?

It can be frustrating to have to spend money for a condition you have little control over. It can discourage you from getting the proper treatment you need. Many people cannot afford the expenses. Some would rather live with the condition without treatment.

Insurance should cover 100 percent of the supplies.”

“That I have to pay for the supplies when insurance should cover it.”

“Unless I find them at a reasonable price, I can’t afford to pay for them. It is very difficult since losing my husband's income last year.”

More problems than solutions

CPAP sucks to deal with. Even with the proper supplies, the treatment can provide more issues. The lack of alternatives is even more frustrating. It can be discouraging to persevere with the limited options available.

“In this day of modern medicine you would think we could invent something that does not look like you are sleeping with Darth Vader and hooked to a machine.”

“Everything!! I can't use a full face mask, as it throws my anxiety into extreme overload. The place I was having to use was the worst trying to get new masks… I have not had any new supplies for over a year.”

“It is tearing my face up and my nose is peeling. I have a place on the side of my face at the temple that stays red. It's good, I love the CPAP, but it’s messing my face up.”

“The dental damage the system causes. The constant staying on top of addressing the dry mouth. The right toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.”

CPAP works for me

You may have felt pleased with the available treatment following your diagnosis. The treatment options may have been better than having to live with sleep apnea without support. It can allow you the opportunity to have control over your condition and to remain active after your diagnosis.

“Having read the comments: people haven't accepted that these machines are prescribed for a diagnosed medical condition. These machines can save lives. They need to be accepted just like any other medical device.”

“Being diagnosed saved my life. At the age of 50 a new start, an opportunity to get it right...Fitness regime, a 70-pound weight loss and restored life quality… I just can't be pissed off at being alive and helping others!!!”

“That I didn’t agree earlier to be tested. I’m grateful now that it’s under control.”

Thank you

Thank you for being open to sharing how you feel about sleep apnea! We appreciate the community members who expressed their honest opinions about their experiences. We hope this promotes awareness of the difficulties that come with sleep apnea.

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