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Noises at Night

Last updated: September 2022

I was using a heating hose for my CPAP as an alternative to using the tubbing cover because of the zippers moving and making noises throughout the night. I woke up to this weird popping noise coming from the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine.

CPAP noise issues

It wasn’t like any of the normal CPAP noises I was used to. I was sleepy and I had no clue from where it was coming.

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Making adjustments

Mask or hose?

I tried adjusting the mask because I was sleeping on my side. That wasn’t it. I tried unconnecting the hose at the top of my head and made sure that it was connected properly. After fiddling with that and laying back down, the noise still hadn’t stopped.

Water tank

I was irritated and frustrated tinkering with the machine. I thought maybe I filled the tank up too high. So, I pulled the water chamber out and it was below the line. It wasn’t that. I took all the pieces off and checked that they were hooked up securely.


It wasn’t till I was checking the connection in the hose I could feel water dripping on my hand. I shook the hose out into a paper towel and it soaked it. I tried turning the machine on again. It was quiet. The popping clicking noise was gone.

Hose and humidifier issues

Condensation in the hose was a new issue with my CPAP. I started thinking about some of the changes I had made recently with the machine. When I turned the humidifier all the way up, it was too warm in the summer with the heated hose, so I went back to a normal hose.

The humidifier is totally necessary for me. I couldn’t sleep without it, but the noise in the middle of the night was driving me crazy. It started with 1 night and then it was a few times a week. I was so tired the next time I just unhooked the hose at the top and shook the water out wherever it may fall. Without using the heating hose or the hose cover, it became a continual problem.

My imperfect fix

I was talking to my husband about it and I ended up going back to the hose cover, but he made a few adjustments to it. Once I got the cover on, he took the zips and took a little thread to hold it down so it wouldn't make noise and didn’t slide down.

It’s not a perfect fix because when I go to clean the hose, I have to cut the thread to take it out, then cover, clean and sterilize it. Then once it’s dry I put the cover back on. Then, my husband puts a few stitches in it to hold the zippers to the hose so it doesn’t slide and jiggle.

Humidifier settings matter

Sleeping with the CPAP for sleep apnea is hard enough. The noises and the side effects of using it can become overwhelming at times. In the winter, using a heated hose is the best solution for dealing with condensation in the tubing.

However, as it warms up it can be unbearable warm air pushing out while using them. I thought I would be fine just using the regular tubbing but didn’t take into account that I have the humidifier on the highest setting possible for comfort.

Wishing for sleep

I feel like a mad scientist sometimes. Adjusting settings, changing pillows, and investigating noises from the machine in the middle of the night is frustrating. I am doing my best using my CPAP but I really wish sometimes I could just go to sleep.

Have you ever experienced condensation in your hose too?

Do you also hear night noises from your CPAP condensation? Please share a comment below.

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