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Raising Awareness: My Relationship With Sleep

Last updated: March 2023

A healthy relationship with sleep is important to our health and overall well-being. But what happens when that relationship is fractured? This week, we will be raising awareness about sleep by focusing on mending that relationship, sharing personal stories, and providing resources to help those of you living with sleep apnea.

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How would you describe your current relationship with sleep? Has that relationship changed since being diagnosed with sleep apnea? If so, how? Join the discussion and tell us in our forums section!

Plus, read more about how other people living with sleep apnea describe their relationship with sleep:

  • Community Views: The Hardest Thing About Sleeping With CPAP
    • Getting a good night's rest with a CPAP can be a challenge. From air escaping around masks to dry mouth, the community shares the hardest parts about sleeping with their CPAP.
  • How Do You Define a Good Night’s Sleep?
    • "What does it mean when you say you had a great night of sleep? I think that this question can be different for some of us. I always tend to think of a good night's sleep when I wake up feeling refreshed and alert."
  • The Difference Between Sleep and Restful Sleep
    • "There is a difference between sleep and restful sleep. To me, sleep means I laid down for a little while (or for what seems for a little while; it could be several hours) with my eyes closed. And then I wake up, rested or not. Possibly even waking up a few times during the night, tossing and turning just trying to get comfortable."

3. Share your story

Interested in sharing more? Spread awareness of sleep apnea by sharing about your diagnosis journey, everyday life with sleep apnea, and ways you find support.

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