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My Home Sleep Study Experience

Recently I had a home sleep study to make sure I didn’t need settings changed and to help me qualify for my insurance to pay for a new machine.

It was so much different than the sleep study I had in the sleep center. Here is how my experience went.

Picking up my equipment

I started out by going to pick up my equipment from the sleep center. They gave me a heart monitor that also counted respirations and length between respirations and a pulse oximeter to monitor my oxygen levels. It was all in a nifty little bag which made it easy and it was new in the factory bag, wires and such. They did some quick teaching on how to wear the monitors and all the instructions I needed to make sure the test was recorded accurately.

Getting myself ready for bed

When I got home, I took everything out and reviewed the written instructions to make sure I remembered everything I had to do. It was really simple, but not the most comfortable. When I was ready for bed, I hooked myself up and made sure everything was working properly. Anyone that knows me, knows I would get the one machine that didn’t work.

You do not get to use your CPAP machine so it was difficult for my wife. She had to deal with me snoring all night, and I had to deal with it too. We all know those problems, the lack of rest, waking up when you don’t breathe, and especially the sore throat. That is the worst. The heart monitor and respiration band weren’t difficult or bothersome. It was kind of weird at first but you get used to it quickly. The part I hated was the pulse oximeter.

Collecting data through the night

The pulse oximeter is like one at the hospital that clips over your finger and never stays in place. I had issues with that which I did report the next day. The light kept blinking and acted like it wouldn’t pick up right. If I had to change anything, it would be that you had a way to see what was going on with the equipment when you were wearing it.

If I could have seen what was going on, I would have felt better it was working right. I also suggest the finger pulse oximeter that wraps around your finger and is like tape that sticks it to you and works much better.

I wore this overnight, not allowed to take it off to go to the bathroom which was awkward.

An easy return process

In the end, I didn’t have to clean anything because they said they would and I just had to pack it up to make sure that I had everything ready for them to check to make sure I returned it all.

I had to turn it in the next day, which was simple and I was told it would take about a week for results which they would call. For me, that was kind of pointless because I knew I had sleep apnea.

Would I recommend an at home test?

Overall, this was much better than the inhouse sleep test. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed and not have someone watching you while you sleep all night or assist you to the bathroom.

I would highly suggest the home sleep apnea test for anyone that needs one. It is simple and can give your doctor the data needed to diagnose you.

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